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Jordan Goodman is dedicated to improving health and creating connections through rhythm, a medium utilized throughout the ages as a means to achieve well-being. He facilitates custom programs with targeted outcomes and trains professionals in the art and science of rhythm.


Jordan designs and facilitates custom, rhythm-based programs with diverse populations for team-building, therapeutic, and leadership development outcomes.


Jordan trains and consults professionals and students at leading health organizations and universities. He teaches the art and science of therapeutic and community-building drumming.


Jordan documents his experiences and shares his insights as he discovers how music can be used to achieve meaningful results.



To gather with strangers to simply play is revolutionary.

To gather with strangers to simply play is revolutionary.

I often imagine what it may be like for a someone in this picture to look across the circle and connect someone they've never met. My hope is that it helps foster a belief that we are all far more similar than we may imagine. Complete strangers becoming creative...

What can be done in one year?

What can be done in one year?

This is weird. For whatever the reasons may be, I was inspired to write this post. After hunting through old emails, I found the login info. And then I looked to see when the last post was made, knowing it's been some time. It's been exactly one year. (...lol, cool)...

I’m a “Leader” (and under 40)

I’m a “Leader” (and under 40)

This was very nice. JMore curated, "10 Business & Community Leaders Under 40." (Sometimes ya gotta get some press that your mom can share on Facebook.) I know what I do is unique, and the attitude I share it with is unapologetically myself. For this, I was proud...

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