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First off, I got this opportunity because I asked for more when they initially asked me to join a panel discussion. But I felt comfortable asking because I had already demonstrated my value at both the 2016 conference and when sharing at a Group Therapy graduate class with the board members.

Maryland Psychological Association for Graduate Students.

This is the future of mental health and mental health has a marketing problem. In the 60 minutes given to me I introduced my therapeutic and community work through rhythm. But more importantly I did my best to light a fire in these future pros to own the value they will provide to future clients and the world at large. Mental fitness will become what physical fitness became in our culture. This I know, but it will be their responsibility as mental health professionals to be the ones to deliver the message and services. It’s all about communicating our message to the public and these grads have one hell of a message…improving mental health is important. The relationship we have within is the whole game and I felt confident in my communication of this to the group.

I’ll be sharing some video content from the keynote soon!