Kids don’t get in their own way.

They know how to play.

As we mature, we learn how to control ourselves. This is necessary but sometimes it doesn’t serve us. When I work with adults I often remind them to not let their thoughts get in the way.

“I’m not a musician.” “I can’t mess this up.” “Everyone’s looking at me.”

This sucks.

I just shared three Beatwell programs at Bryn Mawr’s Little School for their family open house.

As parents brought their preschoolers to Beatwell many of them stood on the outside of the circle.

I don’t do that.

Beatwell is about connection and if someone’s in the room (and they feel comfortable), they’re participating.

Kids know what to do because they FEEL IT. On this day, they gave their parents the gift of reminding them how to let go, connect, and play again.