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I love teaching others how to use rhythm in their therapeutic and community building work because everyone has the ability to use it effectively.

Even with no prior musical experience, you have everything you already need to learn. Rhythm is universal.

I train and consult in many ways. I visit mental health, medical, and educational settings to train professionals in groups—leaving them with the tools and confidence to immediately use rhythm in their work. I meet one on one with therapists, music teachers, and business leaders providing training and consultation to best help them add value to the lives of those they work with. I also present at conferences and universities introducing evidenced-based research, personal experiences, and interactive demonstrations that are both educational and entertaining.

Let’s discuss how I can help you and your colleagues add value to the people you love and serve.


“Earlier this year, Jordan Goodman led a workshop for my team of service coordinators at Kennedy Krieger Institute. He was engaging and personable. He held everyone’s attention, even the reluctant participants. He drew in all participants, and effortlessly showed us how drumming can create unity in a group, as well as soothe a stressed-out soul. Therapeutic drumming proved an active technique for centering myself enough to either address what was bothering me, or maybe just get back to work for now. I would highly recommend Jordan’s workshop.”

– Ellen Lehrman Schwarz, Service Coordinator, Kennedy Krieger Institute