For much of my professional life, I created music in the way our culture expects—write, record, perform, and teach. While performing for thousands of people—and teaching hundreds more—I was just beginning to discover the limitless potential of the musical experience.

At the start of my graduate training in clinical and counseling psychology I discovered a means of creating music that was both universally inclusive and proven to heal. I began integrating drumming into my course and clinical work and embraced what has been known for millennia—rhythm works.

I have been trained by the leaders in stress management, drum circle facilitation, and the medical professionals who publish evidence-based research proving drumming’s biological, emotional, and social effects.

As a licensed mental health professional, much of my work is spent drumming with children with autism and adults with schizophrenia. I also design and facilitate Beatwell Playshops for all groups, train and consult professionals, present interactive workshops, and work in other formats creatively sharing Beatwell’s mission.

This journey continues to inspire and surprise me. I welcome you to join me.