“Beth El Gets Centered” story in Jewish Times

In 2016 I decided I was only going to say yes to things that felt good, which meant you’d get all of me. When the Beth El Congregation reached out to create and facilitate a service and potentially offer weekly sessions at their new Soul Center, I was initially hesitant for a number of reasons. As you can read in this story, I was direct about the reasons why organized religion didn’t quite resonate with me. For example, I needed to make sure everyone else in the experience had the opportunity to share their beliefs and experiences. I also wanted everyone in a circle where there was no physical hierarchy of power or status. Little did I know that they were contacting me for these reasons. They wanted to engage with those in the community that they weren’t currently serving.

I now lead fully with love and with the intention of adding value but I’m not concerned with what others think about me. With this attitude I’ve attracted people and opportunities that resonate better with me and my mission. My continued work with Beth El and its community is proof.