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This is weird.

For whatever the reasons may be, I was inspired to write this post.

After hunting through old emails, I found the login info. And then I looked to see when the last post was made, knowing it’s been some time.

It’s been exactly one year.

(…lol, cool)

Beatwell has still existed even in the absence of a WordPress post. In fact, I’ve received the most validating booking yet a few months ago…the keynote of a Maryland Psychological Association conference. I did the Graduate Student conference keynote in 2017 (which was a legit honor)…but they felt more like contemporaries. This was a group of professionals that have been practicing in the mental health field longer than I’ve been alive. (…and they liked it)

With that, I’ve turned down many offers in the past year for two reasons. I’ve done so many that I know which ones I’ll enjoy and which I’ll spend more time thinking about the money. I don’t want to think about money in this work. The work is too important. The second is that I started a (dream) job a year ago. I’ve loved pro wrestling since I was a kid. (I was even trained and performed in the art form as a teen.) In short, the number two company on this side of the world created a position for me to lead their branding, marketing, and (other). That business has been good (we just sold out Madison Square Garden eight months before the show.) Oh ya…I also published a non-related, weekly podcast for a year that reached a worldwide (140+ countries) audience and many trackable (100k+) downloads…but more importantly had a profound affect (based on public and private messages) on the lives of many creative people. (chocolatecroissants.com or chocolate croissants in your podcast app…I’d like to bring it back in some form sooner than later)

So I’ve been busy. And yet, Beatwell continues. I’m still a licensed psychotherapist and lead drum-circle based therapy groups weekly. I still teach drum and guitar lessons…but less than I had. I still play in a hipster-whatevs rock band (raindeer) and it’s still fun as shit. But I’ve felt drawn to Beatwell more recently. It’s been the north star of my career since 2010 (I think). I shared straight-up drum circles for my sixth year at the Hot August Music Festival last weekend…and it was the most fun I’ve had doing it. I have a lot of friends that WANT to help me each year. That’s so gratifying. I spoke on the phone with a rabbi today as we’ve co-created and will co-lead a service next Saturday. This is the third time in three years I’ll do this with two different synagogues…and religion doesn’t even resonate with me (lol). But it doesn’t matter…because these people let me be myself in the work and two things that do profoundly resonate with me are human beings and rhythm. I had another business meeting today with a longtime acquaintance who’s working hard helping to empower teens and young adults. That gave me energy.

At this point I’m just typing free form and want to finish part 4 of The Defiant Ones…(it’s just really well edited). What I sense I’m trying to say is Beatwell is very important to me and is essentially my professional expression of profound truths and beliefs I want to share with others through rhythm and conversation. I’m also very grateful for the┬áprivilege to create, connect, and grow through Ring of Honor, Chocolate Croissants, and Raindeer.

I also just want to be Trent Reznor.